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I’ve been a lover of experiences longer than I can remember.

Born in Boston and went to school in upstate New York, I emigrated to London 2012 and never looked back. I worked as Community Director for Yelp there and love every moment of it.

In early 2017, I moved to the midwest to be Senior Community Director of Yelp in Chicago, and am loving every moment of this too.

So what else should you know about Alex? I live in River North with my British wife and American dog. I enjoy bad films, strong gin and a brightly coloured Instagram account. Hopefully, you enjoy my posts about Chicago and around the world (or at least, those previously mentioned brightly colored photos.)

This blog is written and photographed by me, Alex, mostly using my lovely little iPhone X. Almost all the shots, though, are creatively directed by the earlier mentioned wife, the lovely Shamaine, who is my muse and also has a way better eye for beautiful photos than I ever will.

Any other questions, comments, concerns or statements! Send them my way here. And of course, follow me on Yelp to see all the reviews and pics that don’t make it here. 🙂

Alex / Alexshebar@gmail.com


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