Your New Reality at Westworld!

“Are you real?”
“Well, if you can’t tell, does it matter?”

Ah, the joy of Westworld, where everything and nothing is real and there are delights for all!

We got a little taste of it the other day when we went to AT&T’s Westworld Experience, a night of cowboy hats, virtual reality and the best damn cosplay I’ve seen in a while.


This was the launch party for the exhibition going on throughout the store, which included props and videos and interactive bits of the show. I got to even pretend I was stopping a robot rebellion by observing the map.

They had a ton of fun bits of things from the show throughout the space. What I really like is they all had explainer cards written from the Delos Corporation, the fake business that started Westworld.

It’s a very cool exhibit and if you’re even slightly a fan of the show (or are curious about why everyone seems to be freaking out about it), this would be something for you to check out.


In addition to the amazing things semi-permanently in the store (at least until the exhibit ends), they had some fun bits going on that evening.

First of all, we we’re sorted into White Hats and Black Hats, complete with matching Westworld company badges.

When I got up to the table, the robot hostess looked me over and handed me the blackest of black hats.

“Aw, I really wanted a white hat,” I told her.
“This one suits you better,” she replied.

Uh-oh. What does that say about me?

After that, I got to try the very cool Westworld VR game, where I chose my hat and gun, entered the park and then… well, let’s just say, things went very bad very quickly. I won’t spoil it, but if you get a chance to try this out, try it out.

Of course, no special event would be complete without a special guest, and I got the chance to meet the great Leonardo Nam!

I’ve been a fan since The Perfect Score, and how can you not be? Watch this clip, it’s impossible not to be charmed:

(I told him I was a fan since that film and he freaked out in the best way possible. Apparently, it was his first ever film!)

We even walked away with this badass 3D printed Westworld spinner they printed there on site. The future is now, people:


Adding to the evening was the incredible Cosplay going on. I don’t even words, I’m just going to let pictures do it justice:

And here’s some shots of all of them:

Get to the exhibition in the next few weeks before it disappears (or gets overrun by killer robots). Just like Westworld itself, you may not believe your eyes.

The Westworld Exhibition is at the AT&T Michigan Ave flagship store, 600 N Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60611