What In The World Is This: Chicago Edition!

img_7156Years ago, I used to live in the gem of the midwest that is Cincinnati, Ohio.

No sarcasm there. I loved living in Ohio. The people were friendly, things were cheap, the atmosphere was fun. It really is a great city… but it is a small city. And sometimes, I felt the pull to be somewhere a little bigger. And when that urge became too much, I would hop on a bus and head to Chicago.

I love Chicago. Same Midwest sensibilities of a clean city with nice people but nowhere near the price or attitude of say New York. Plus the food, THE FOOD, oh it’s just so good.

img_6924So when I was given the chance to move to Chicago to work for Yelp there, how could I say no?

And that’s where I am heading in less than a week.

However, before all of this happened and I knew Chicago would be my new home, Chicago was a destination. Before heading to the states for Thanksgiving, I took my lovely wife (then still a fiancée) to see this city that I loved. And I figured I could share some of the amazing pics with you of what we saw.

Who knows, maybe it will make you want to come visit me in The Windy City, my new home. ?

The Sights!


The Food!

The Cloud Gate (AKA The Bean!)

The Willis Tower

Greetings from 151 floors up!

That’s it. Catch you in Chicago!



  • Sabrina

    I’m so jealous – Chicago is my favorite city I really want to live there (or London xD)

    • Alex

      I’m very excited, it should be a fantastic adventure.