Wishing You A Shabbat Shaloha at Revival Food Hall!

Hanukkah’s always a strange time of year for me. I think, maybe, it is for a lot of Jewish people.

It’s not that it’s bad. Quite the opposite. It’s wonderful – the lights, the presents, the… hmmm, really, I guess that’s it.

See, there isn’t a big service or a time of reflection like other Jewish holidays. There is also no sit down feast that makes the other celebrations so wonderful. Sure, you make the latkes, but there isn’t really a meal that goes with it. Truth be told, Hanukkah is mostly a holiday for kids. It’s (sort-of) there so when Jewish children saw their Christian friends getting Christmas presents, so they had an equivalently fun celebration time!

What we don’t have is the big Christmas family get together: the dinner, the tree, the waking up on Christmas morning to open presents with loved ones. It’s nothing like that.

It’s why when my Christian friends go, “Well you don’t have Christmas but you have Hanukkah right?” We always go, “Well, kiiiiiiiiinda.”

And so, I always appreciate any group that comes together to celebrate this strange but wonderful holiday in a big way. And last week, I got to do just that with OneTable and Aloha Poke Co.‘s Shabbat Shaloha!

Here’s how they described this fantastic event:

“Revival Food Hall Chanukah Shabbat. You read that right. Aloha Poke Co. and OneTable present… a Revival Food Hall Chanukah Shabbat Dinner. Join us as we celebrate the festival of lights, all while touring through Revival Food Hall’s incredible variety of cuisines, and end our week with some intention around a (very large) Shabbat dinner table.”

Basically, Marissa Freeman from OneTable (who helps “post-college people in their 20s and 30s find, enjoy and share Shabbat dinners”) got together with Zach Friedlander of Aloha to put together a celebration of food, Judaism, and basically having one hell of a good time out in the city.

As Marissa said: “I’m a Hawaiian with a Chicago heart and he’s a Chicagoan with a Hawaiian heart.” Hence: Shabat Shaloha! Adorable.

They weren’t kidding about a giant table either, a bunch of them, laid out with delicious Aloha Poke chocolate gelt, dreidels, and blue and white decorations across the spread. Plus, a menu of epic proportions. We sampled food from a ton of different Revival traders and really there wasn’t a bad bit in the batch. Some of these delicious items included:

Challah by Mindy’s Hot Chocolate

Matzo Ball Soup by The Fat Shallot

Fried chicken by The Budlong

Sliders by Graze Kitchenette

Pizza by Union Squared

Brisket by Smoque BBQ

Fried shrimp by Brown Bag Seafood Co.

And of course:

Poke from Aloha Poke Co.

And for dessert:

Gelato by Black Dog Gelato

Cookies by Mindy’s Hot Chocolate

Honestly, the only thing it was missing was… the latkes! What! How could you have a Hanukkah celebration with latkes? That was the only thing that made me sad during the event. But it was a slight miss for such a fantastic evening.

If you haven’t checked out OneTable, Aloha Poke or really anyone at Revival Food Hall, I’d recommend it, they’re all truly fantastic.

Finally, if you want to see the entire night’s adventure, you can watch my video story here:

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Happy Haunkah, all!


ps. Wonder about the multiple spellings of this annual Jewish holiday. Well, here, let me and The LeeVees help you out: