Whatever you do… DON’T LOOK AT THE SUN!

How many times did you hear that yesterday?

Granted, it’s solid advice, because it doesn’t feel like your eyes are burning out of your face until hours later, when suddenly, you wonder why everything looks blurry and weird. Ah, the joys of the eclipse!

Luckily, most people seemed to listen to this advice, which is solid. I went yesterday to the world famous Adler Planetarium in Chicago for their #LookUp With Us celebration. Not only did they have glasses for (almost) everyone, but there were food trucks, science experiments, and thousands of people. And most of those people we’re staring right into the sky.

I honestly didn’t really care about getting a good Eclipse shot. My phone didn’t have a filter and wasn’t really good enough to take a good shot anyway. What I wanted was shots of people looking at the eclipse, because I imagined it would have looked like this classic Americana photo from Life Magazine:

And, boy, was was I right. Here’s a nice collection of nice people in Chicago looking at the sky. Enjoy!

See you in 2024 for the next Eclipse!