This Post Was Entirely Improvised: Backstage at Whose Line Is It Anyway? … Live!


Back in the ’90s, long before I knew I’d live in England – long before I even knew America made a pretty routine habit of taking English shows and converting them to be more American (which usually means ‘louder’ and ‘with more fun flashing lights’), I would watch a show called Whose Line Is It Anyway? Hosted by Drew Carey, this was comedy at it’s best. Unscripted but well practiced, there were spontaneous lines that were so funny, they had little Alex’s sides hurt.

Flash forward. I live in England. I’ve seen clips of the original British Whose Line. I even now know that before it was on TV, it was on British radio. And yesterday, I got the chance to see it all happen live.


We were royally announced into the theatre…


Where the magic happens.


Two full rows of people ready to laugh.

Through my job as Community Director of Yelp London, I put together an event for about 30 people on Yelp to go see Whose Line Is It Anyway? … Live and it was amazing. Funny, quick, random, and even had the obligatory guest star: Charles “Chip” Esten, formerly a returning guest on the American Whose Line and now on Nashville (although I liked him as Jim’s boss at the Stamford branch on The Office – again, obviously the American version.)

But it was the vets that really stole the show, specifically improv legends Colin Mochrie, Greg Proops and host Clive Anderson. It was humorous nostalgia at it’s best.

And afterwards, we waited as the entire theatre left and then… were escorted on stage to meet the comedians.


Waiting for the crowd to go…


And coming onto stage…


The view from the stage of the legendary London Palladium Theatre! And then…


The Comedians!

Seriously, such a fun night. If you have some time and are a fan of the show, don’t miss it as it plays here in London.

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ps. To make little Alex’s heart even happier, one of my tweets for @YelpLondon was retweeted by Mr. Drew Carey himself. ?

pps. We honestly do some pretty amazing events at Yelp. If you checked them out yet, do it here and come to whatever back stage, amazing, once-in-a-lifetime thing we do next. 

THE GOOD: The humour, which was improv at it’s very best. The beautiful theatre. Having a ticket to a night out where you’re going to laugh, hard. And the comedians, who are insanely talented and fun to watch in their natural element.

THE BAD: Improv, which comes with it’s ups and downs. When it’s done well, it’s maybe my favourite type of humour. But when it’s done badly and the jokes don’t hit their mark, it can be painfully hard to watch. I will say, however, that these are the best in the world at what they do, so the cringe-worthy moments are few and far between.


Colin Mochrie

Colin Mochrie

Alex: I’m really glad that the show works from TV to line and it’s just as amazing as watching it at home.

Colin: Honestly, we’re surprised anyone here laughed at all.

WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY? … LIVE is playing at the London Palladium until June 19. Get your tickets here