There’s A Make Your Own KitKat Store In London! (Need I Say More?)

img_4328A year ago, when I was travelling through Japan, there were amazing things to see: neon lights, crazy robots, the freshest sushi I’ve ever tasted, KitKats, ramen from vending machines, sumo wrestlers…

Wait, KitKats? Why KitKats?

Because they are the craziest flavour of KitKats I’ve ever seen: Green tea, white peach, strawberry fromage, rum and raisin, even little cheesecake sticks you bake individually in the oven. And, of course, the KitKat stores where you can buy amazing flavours and even make your own.

Image by KitKat.

And now, so does London! (At least for a little while…)


For five weeks only, KitKat is running The Chocolatory in Westfield Stratford, the first one of it’s kind in Europe. Here, you can customise everything, from the chocolate on your chocolate bar, the toppings on top and even what the packaging is going to look like.

We checked it out yesterday in the afternoon, after I had a meeting nearby, and found zero queue. I was expecting a line around the block but as you go through, it’s easy to see why, even at the times when it’s most packed, the queue’s going to move pretty quickly.


You walk into a store so white and red it would make a candy cane jealous and are greeted by a friendly KitKat employee, who takes you through the process: Head up to digital screen, choose your chocolate, choose your toppings from 16 different options (I went with white chocolate, salted caramel, honeycomb and popcorn and my god it was glorious) and pick whatever design and cute little quote you want on top of the box (I had to go London tube map, because it’s the damn London tube map.)

Then finalize and pay your £7, which I now learned is exactly how much happiness costs.

img_4310img_4315Now, here’s the part I didn’t know: It’s going to take an hour and a half for your KitKat to be ready! ???.

However, they text you when the process has begun (right away) and then they text you again when it’s ready. So go, shop, get some real food while you wait for your dessert to be done.


However, if you cannot wait, you can just grab pre-made KitKats to go. At this store, they have rotating special edition KitKats bars (we bought some sticky toffee popcorn and black forest gâteau) as well as two creations only found in store: chilli and mint and dandelion burdock, both which are created by Michelin-starred chef Michael O’Hare. So that’s pretty damn tasty.

The Chilli and Mint Bar by Michelin Star chef Michael O’Hare. Photo by KitKat.

It was so much fun and I absolutely channeling your inner Willy Wonka and coming to make some chocolate. Enjoy your break, you’ve earned it.

And for one last bit of fun, I created a live Snapchat story during the process for the @YelpLondon snapchat, so you can see what the whole thing is like. Enjoy!

THE GOOD: You get to design your own KitKats, including chocolate, toppings and even the package it comes in. It’s easy, fun and beautifully presented.

THE BAD: While it is very quick to design it, creating it takes a little longer. Once you’ve finished putting it together on the digital screen, it takes an hour and a half for it to be made. Damn. They will text you when it’s ready, though, and if you can’t grab it that day, they’ll hold it for five days for you to pick it up later.

The KitKat Chocolatory runs from now until November 8. It can be found on The Street (the outside food area) of Westfield Stratford. Custom made KitKats cost £7 and are absolutely worth it.