The Tops, Baby!

So The Drum is a top site for marketing, advertising and design news. And the other day, I got an email from them:

[box] Hi Alex,

If you haven’t yet checked the post today, do it now; there’s a very special delivery from The Drum waiting for you.

To coincide with our latest A.I. issue of the magazine, we used IBM’s Watson technology to analyse the tweets of 1,000 industry influencers to produce a ‘Super Marketers’ version of Top Trumps.

I’m pleased to say that you made our list and your very own card adorns your issue of The Drum.[/box]

And sure enough, the next day, this was delivered to the Yelp office:

unnamed (3)

unnamed (2)

Top Trumps played! The whole thing was a really nice to receive and I just wanted to share. ?

Click here if you’d like to learn more about the first magazine edited with AI and for The Drum’s Top Trumps 1000 Marketers.