Taking Stock Of The New Stock And Ledger!

You know what I almost never order at a restaurant?


It’s just not a go-to meat. Unless someone has specifically told me I must try it, I usually go the norms: a little beef, a little chicken, a little fish if I’m feeling spicy, you know how it is. But lamb? Almost never.

So let me tell you this, when you come to Stock and Ledger: TRY! THE! LAMB!


We were invited down to trythis new spot and we’re warned it’s a little hard to find. They were not kidding. Even our Uber driver went, “Are you sure this is where you want to be?” when he dropped us off.

It is indeed.

Hidden inside the 70 W. Madison building, it’s a 6,500 square foot simple but beautiful space. It’s very clean feeling, with hanging cloud lights and a fantastic library-esq private dining room in the back.

As for the name, well, according to the space:

The name “Stock” in Stock and Ledger pays homage to Chef Laura Piper’s personalized menu with “stock” as the base of her contemporary American and classic dishes. “Ledger” refers to the accounting term and Piper’s business partner Rodd Goldman, an accountant she turned into a restaurateur.


If you’re looking for a gigantic menu mixing and matching to every one’s taste, you may be disappointed here. It’s very small with a true mix of both Spanish and Mediterranean flare on this American cuisines menu. There isn’t even a burger or traditional sandwich on the lunch menu (although they will be opening a more fast casual kind of spot in the near future next door).

However, as we chatted with Chef de Cuisine Sophia Harris, it’s pretty clear why that is. Her focus isn’t on doing everything, but doing everything well.

Chef de Cuisine Sophia Harris and General Manager Jeffrey Cybulski

I will tell you, this food is done well.

We started with two cocktails, Tequila Mockingbird (with Don Julio Blanco Tequila and Ancho Reyes Chile), which was a pretty tame take on a margarita, and the Harvest Nectar (with Captain Morgan Rum, Apple Cider), which was a phenomenal fall drink – sweet and crisp like an apple. I could have drank it forever.

We then went onto some handpicked menu items from Chef Sophia. We started with the Mussels, which had Spanish tapas taste with chorizo and were delicious. My only complaint was they came with a side of crunchy bread which did nothing to soak up the truly delicious fennel broth – so good, I could have drank it like soup. No problem though, we asked for bread and soft bread they provided!

We also did the Grilled Octopus that came with confit potatoes and chorizo, which was charred and chewy. I loved it, but my wife found it a little too burnt for her taste. To each their own.

For our salad, we had the Salt Roasted Beet Salad, served with feta, citrus, kale and house-made granola. Now, here’s the thing, I hate beats and I hate citrus on the salad. And although Chef Sophia swore that even the most ardent beet hater would find enjoyment in this salad, I still passed it on to my wife. However, she loved it and went to town, so if you are a fan of beets (ugh, beets), this may be your jam.

Now, we come full circle, the main event: The. Damn. Lamb. It was a Seared Colorado Lamb that came with falafel, onion salad, tahina and lemon yogurt, giving it a great Mediterranean kick. They were small T-Bone cuts but my god, that meat was tender, sweet, so good. I devoured mine and then sadly looked at my wife until she passed me over some of hers. (She’s awesome.) Do not miss this meat treat.

We finished with a flourless chocolate cake and a cranberry biscuit cake that I literally cannot remember what it was called. Both were fine. Honestly, after the joy of the savory meal, anything less than spectacular would have felt a little bit of a let down and that was the case here. They both weren’t bad, and they looked beautiful, but they just weren’t as good as those starters and mains.


Now, for this quality, you’re going to pay. Nothing on this menu is cheap. Starters run about $15 and mains are $25 on the cheap end (and go up to $62 if you want that Bone-In Ribeye). It is damn tasty though, so you do get what you pay for.


Make the trip. You’re not going to stumble into this place (unless you work in 70 W. Madison, which for all I know you do, and if so, congrats on the great new addition to your work space), but it’s worth it for a great date night.

And seriously, if you don’t get that lamb, you’re going to be in for such a kicking, I promise you that.