Saving All The $ With Simply Codes

Y’all, here I am with my dog.

Do you see the happiness? Does it radiate from the screen? Because, let me tell you, I am all kinds of happy here.

Now, you may be asking, “Alex, why the sudden outburst of joy? Did something good happen to you.”

Indeed it did friends, indeed it did. And that joy comes from a little thing I’ve just discovered called SimplyCodes. But before we get there, let’s go back a little bit to little Alex.


When I was younger, I would go shopping with my mom, as children often do. And when we’d go out to the store, she always needed three things: Keys. Wallet. Coupon Box.

Yes, the coupon box, a legendary item in our house. It was this small grey plastic box that letched on the front and when you opened it, it was a cacophony of bright colored papers, meticulously organized by name of store or brand of product. Somewhere big and reached the top of the box, others were so small that you had to dig your way to the bottom just to find it. It was perfect and it was also chaos and my mom spent so, so, soooooooo much time going through the paper and marking coupons and cutting out coupons and saving coupons and spending coupons.


However, it did bring her a lot of joy and I learned my love of savings from her. If I can find a deal on something, ugh, it is a feeling of joy unlike any other type of joy.

But honestly, who’s got the time to go searching each week for these coupons like my mom did and then who’s got the room (mentally and physically) to save a box like that anywhere in their life. Not I.

Which brings me back to the exuberant job of SimplyCodes (if you need to feel that joy again, please scroll back up and look at the puppy photos again).


So, what are SimplyCodes? Well, here’s what they say about themselves

Stop searching for coupon codes

SimplyCodes will show you verified codes for your favorite stores while you shop with our new extension.

SimplyCodes is the #1 community-powered coupon site. We have more verified codes than any other site or extension.

Now, you might have used something like them in the past, but there’s a few reasons that I love SimplyCodes more than any of the other ones:


As of right now, Simply Codes has over 5 million verified promo codes for over 40,000 brands! And I mean verified, because when you plug them in, they’re more often than not working – not expired or not those stupid referral codes that everyone gets when they sign up to an app – plug them in, get the savings!

There’s nothing worse than wasting your time on codes that don’t work, so use the ones that do!


Annnnnnnnd, if you happen to find a code that SimplyCodes does not have (yet!), submit it in and they will pay you $5 per code you found. What! It’s like literally finding buried treasure that’s actually worth something.

If you’ve ever had dreams of being a cool pirate searching for gold, well, this isn’t quite that, but it’s closer than you’ve been so far.


Two ways to get SimplyCodes. You can either download the extension for your browser (which works really well when shopping at your computer) or you can get the one for your phone with an extension in the Apple App Store (which works really well when shopping, which is basically how I do all my shopping).

You can browse by deals (25% off! 50% off! Free shipping!) or by brands or just let it work whenever you go to your favorite stores.

Me, recently, I’ve been obsessed with using it for delivery apps because all those sites are connnnnnstantly running new promos to bring you in and choose them over the other ones, so I’ve been saving a ton of money on eats.

Additionally, because it’s Fall, I’ve been saving money buying things for Jesse – yep, the dog from before. Food, treats, balls, toys, the works, it takes me no time to find the deals and even less time to use them to save the money.

This means more time and more things and more fun for me and the pup, and that is just a win across the board. So check out SimplyCodes and bring this same joy of coupons into your life.

So maybe you’ve been looking to buy gifts for friends and family for whatever reason (is there a reason to maybe buy them coming up)? Or maybe you want Black Friday deals which are literally in a few days. Or maybe you just want to save all the monies on all the things. All of this, and more, done with SimplyCodes. So time to check them out.

Honestly, if saving money this way was good enough for my mom decades past, it really is good enough for all of us.

Download Simplycodes now at

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