“The Room” Pop-Up Bar: So Good, It Tears Me Apart!!!

What’s the worst movie you’ve ever seen?

I mean, a film so bad that it transcends the boundaries of terribleness until everything you think would be awful is actually fantastic, scenes that should be awkward are hilarious, and you walk away going: “That was great. Terrible, but great.”

If you’ve never seen The Room, then time for an eye-opener, because this is quite possibly the worst best movie of all time.

The Room, a 2003 movie about a love triangle gone wrong, was made written, directed, produced by, and starring eccentric auteur  Tommy Wiseau, and I use that term lovingly since the man is downright and beautifully crazy. The Room has been described as “The Citizen Kane of bad movies” and it’s pretty accurate.

Please do note, The Room is very, very, very different than 2015’s Room, a movie about the mother and child locked in a basement. That’s a good movie, this is not.

This is The Room:

The Room is so bad that James Franco has a film coming on December 9 called The Disaster Artist, which is based off a book about the making of The Room, and all the awfulness and hilarity that came with it. And to celebrate that film, Emporium Pop-Ups put together Tommy’s Planet, a pop-up bar celebrating everything good (and terrible) about The Room and The Disaster Artist.


I love what Emporium, a beercade, has been doing with its Logan Square space. You may remember I checked out the Stranger Things bar there not that long ago, which was equally fun. Unlike the dark synth-heavy feeling of that space, Tommy’s Planet is light and ridiculous.

This is what the bar says about their new space:

“Oh, hai Chicago” ???

Get ready for “real Hollywood movie!” Emporium Popups will transform into “Tommy’s Planet” – an ode to the 2003 cult-classic The Room (© WISEAU-FILMS) in anticipation of A24’s The Disaster Artist (film), in theaters this weekend! Guests will experience Tommy Wiseau’s incredible world through a faithful recreation of his unique vision.

“The best worst popup bar ever!”

You walk in past the flower shop where Tommy greets the pup (oh hai doggy!)…

Past a director’s chair, for doing some movie-making contemplation…

And into a room filled with a recreation of the film’s main apartment, of course complete with pics of spoons. (When they shot The Room, they left the stock photo of a spoon in the frames in the apartment, so now when people go to see the movie, and the spoon comes on the screen, this happens…)

There’s also a beautiful green screen set in the back for any rooftop scenes, complete with metal shed. When Tommy was making The Room, he demanded they create this awkward and awful-looking set, despite the fact that there was a real rooftop they actually could have used.

And so, here in the space, it’s pitch perfect:


It’s not just the space that’s solid, but the drinks are damn hilarious as well, with fantastic names.

Who wouldn’t want to order an, “Oh, Hai Mark.” I know I did.

Plus, after we were served, we were told by the bartender that, “You’re my favorite customer.” Thanks a lot, baaaai.

The Room pop-up only runs through tomorrow night, so get to it. And again, if you haven’t seen The Room, get to that too, you won’t be the same after.

Tommy’s World is at Emporium Logan Square Popups, 2367 N Milwaukee Ave. in Chicago. It runs from today until tomorrow, Saturday, the 2nd.

Want to see the ridiculous Instagram adventures we had in Tommy’s Planet. Well, you’re in luck, as it’s right here:

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