This Post Is Full Of Cheese!

I’m going to start this post with a little blasphemy: I don’t really love cheese. 

I know, I know, the hate begins.

Don’t get me wrong, cheese in a sandwich, or on a pizza, or as one-half of the main ingredient in a delicious cake (see what I did there), all phenomenal. But cheese on 0n a platter, possibly presented with crackers? Eh. And don’t get me started on this country’s tradition of doing cheese as dessert. Yes, friends from other country, in England, a cheese course is often presented after the meal as dessert, sometimes even instead of the dessert (or “pudding”) course.

Ooooh, cheese is not dessert. Dessert is dessert and cheese is served before the meal… again, if at all.

Cheese. I take it or leave it.

So when I was invited by View94, an award winning restaurant in the Wandsworth area, to show off their new Cheesy Tuesday as an event for my Yelp Community, I set it up not for myself, but for the cheese lovers of the world.

But I was wrong, this night was phenomenal – and I will tell you why: we didn’t just do cheese, we did cheese and all of the wine! And that made all of the difference.


View94 is an award-winning and beautiful spot right on the river. I went there about a month ago for a bloggers dinner and it honestly was really something special:

My friend Helen, who does their PR and helped me set up this event, would like me to tell you that it’s not a hard spot to get to. But dammit, I live in Stoke Newington and had to take a bus, a tube,  a train AND THEN walk 15 minutes to get here. It is not easy to get to… However, it is easily worth the trip to ge to, and that’s what matters in the end.

The real reason to go to View94, besides the view, is Head Chef Antonio Sanzone. This is a man who trained under Eric Chavot at The Capital when it won it’s two Michelin stars, the former head chef at Caffe Caldesi and a finalist for the prestigious UK Young Chef award.

He’s a powerhouse and, more than that, loves his food, cheese and wine. And it was Antonio who took us through the entire evening.


I wasn’t really sure what to expect from a night of cheese and wine, especially with my previously mentioned thoughts on cheese, but there we were, about ten of us sitting at a long table on the first floor.

Antonio came and gave us a quick intro on what we’d be doing that evening. Basically, it would be a tour around the world, as he paired some of his favourite cheese with wines that compliment the flavour. He would first show us the cheese in its full form before cutting it up and serving us bites.

Each cheese was strong and powerful and the wine was flowing like a river of joy. And my god, was that a beautiful combination.

We did things like Brie Be Meaux cheese served with a sparkling Normandy cider, Keen’s Cheddar (allegedly the most popular cheese in the world) with a full-bodied Cotes du Rhone Primitivo red, and an amazing light Roquefort cheese served with a sweet white Les Secs Cote du Layon wine. (I had to cheat and write all of those down, there was no way I was remembering a one.)

I won’t lie, not everything killed, the final course of blue goat cheese (the Bocconcino di capra), was way too bitter for my taste and I kept tasting it for the rest of the night. Blarg. But those other ones: perfection.

The cheese selection is going to change monthly and Antionio picks everything. The cheese. The wine. The information. It’s absolutely worth going to with some friends, as it’s all done on such an expert level, it almost made me love cheese. Almost. Or at least come to truly love the combination of cheese and lots of wine.

That, I think, I am now a fan of forever.

Cheesy Tuesday is now happening weekly at View94, 94 Point Pleasant, London, SW18 1PP. The menu will change monthly with a new selection of cheese. Tickets are £20pp and can be bought here

And if you want to see what my Yelp community thought of the night, you can read all the reviews right here