When You Play The Game Of Phones…

Well, you win or you die, obviously!

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by AT&T to see if I wanted to help promote a gigantic Game of Thrones event and promotion they’re running. I mean, as someone who waits with baited breath each Sunday to see which dragon will roast which character, how could I say no?

I was invited down to the kickoff event of the Flagship store-turned Westeros for a night of epic surprises, immersive experiences, actual props, costumes and weapons from the show and one  guest that had everyone a little Stark raving mad (see what I did there.)

I went with my friend Katie from Chicagogrammers, and neither of us was sure quite what to expect when we made our way into the store. It was clear, though, that AT&T had a vision, and  it was as epic as Wun Wun the giant (RIP Wun Wun).

It’s hard not to be impressed by the little touches they put together. As you come in, there was a giant map of Westeros lining the floor. If you’ve ever wanted to pretend to be Cersei, staring down your, “Enemies to the east. Enemies to the west. Enemies to the south. Enemies to the north,” this is the place.

There was also a ton of fun interactive elements, like a fantastic virtual reality game in a North-esq shack, where you get to play a brother of the Night’s Watch, defending Castle Black from enemies. They also had a green screen experience where you get to put yourself into the middle of the Battle of the Bastards.

Did I survive? No, no I did not.

Throughout the store, there were fantastic props from the show to showcase, including swords, helmets, Renley’s stag crown (which was hidden behind the giant Game of Thrones poster for some reason, like a real life easter egg), Cersei’s actual dress from when she blew up King’s Landing and, of course, dragon eggs!

Plus, this fantastic gigantic Pop statue of Tyrion in battle!

As you may expect, the cosplaying that night was spot on. Well done for everyone who seriously upped their outfit game (and the dude who carried a tiny plush George R.R. Martin on his back, like a little Bran, is my new hero).

Finally, one hell of a surprise visit from the one and only Isaac Hempstead Wright, or Bran Stark (perhaps he warged here into a bird and just flew on over from England)!

He answered questions like does he remember his first day of filming (answer: yes, and it rained constantly and he almost quit the show) and if Jon Snow will find out if he’s a Targarian this year (answer: It doesn’t matter. Like the Iron Throne, it’s a gigantic red herring to the real importance of the show.)

I even convinced him to sit in the Iron Throne for a second so I could play Hand of the King to a Stark for a second, which is pretty much the dream of any GOT fan, right?

I also caught him Instagramming for a hot second, which I then threw on Instagram, because why not.

It was an incredible experience and night worthy of the show for sure.

While the green screen, game and appearance by the Three Eyed Raven was a one-off, the space is still hosting the props, the map and, of course, The Iron Throne for another week. Head down to their store to check it all out and make yourself Ruler of Westeros, if only for a second.

The AT&T Flagship store is located at 600 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, IL 60611. The Game of Thrones experience there will run until the end of the month.