A Night of Filipinom at Be More Pacfiic

My first Austin restaurant recollection (since it’s not quite a review, and its mostly me looking at the beautiful pics I took and going, my god that food was good!)

I was invited down to try Be More Pacific, which is adorable named, to have a night of Filipino food. Oh, and it was glorious.

Be More Pacific has won a ton of awards as a Best New Restaurant and it’s easy to see why. It’s unassuming, cheap, fun, and filled with flavor.

Here’s what they say about themselves:

Bringing Filipino Flavor to the Masses

In 2011, the Be More Pacific Filipino food truck took to the streets on a hunch that the American culinary mainstream would like Filipino cooking. But they were wrong, they LOVED IT. Fast forward 6 years and thousands upon thousands of happy customers later they are ready to take that next step, to a brick and mortar, to put their stamp, to showcase the full gamut of flavors of the Philippines.

Business partners Mark Pascual and Giovan Cuchapin, first generation Filipinos from Houston, planted roots in Austin, the perfect incubator for this Filipino experiment. Giovan has held every restaurant job from dishwasher to general manager and Mark with a background in project management, brings the entrepreneurial passion. Together they have accepted their life goal to introduce this cuisine to the masses.



I really liked the look of this space. Tucked away on the second floor, they do a good job of making it feel like a causal diner with a Jalapeno flair.

Also, there’s a pretty fantastic patio outside with amusingly branded corn hole, so who could say not to that?


Oh man, so good.

Here’s a selection of what we ate:

Longganisa Tots

Fried potatoes with white queso, homemade pork longganisa,
BMP’s Spicy Banana Sauce, & green onions


Combination of sweet & savory pork, garlic rice, topped
with fried egg, green onion garnish


Spicy Curry Coconut Lime Bacon Fried Rice, carrots,
green onion garnish

The Pinoy Collada

The Manillada

There were some clear standout winners. The tots were actually pretty incredible and the meat and sauce made them fly (also try some of the banana pepper juice to throw on top. Elevates an already elevated dish). Those rice bowls are gigantic and delicious. They warned us that each one would be enough for 1.5 people and they were not kidding. I also loved the specialty cocktails, especially the Manillada, which I tried by sipping through a straw and went, “Meh,” but when they told me to mix with the straw and sip from the top, it was a whole new delicious ball game.

The main dishes run about $15 and, again, are really enough for two if you mix with a starter. So well priced, full of flavor, solidly good spot to check out.

Be More Pacific, people, every damn day.

Be More Pacific is located at 7858 Shoal Creek Blvd, Austin, TX 78757