It Was Mint To Be at The Austin Ice Cream Festival

Have I mentioned that I love ice cream? Love it, to the point of near obsession. I’m often tempted to eat ice cream every day, all day, and when I do, no regrets.

No. Damn. Regrets.

So when I learned I was moving to Austin and found out there was an ice cream festival happening within weeks of me arriving, well, it was mint to be.


Here’s what they say about themselves:

In 2007, our love of ice cream led us to create the very first Austin Ice Cream Festival. Summer is the perfect time to enjoy cold ice cream and a celebration for the Austin community – and so the Austin Ice Cream Festival was born. Every year the Austin Ice Cream Festival draws thousands of Austin families and friends to Fiesta Gardens to eat delicious food, play games, participate in contests, listen to live music, interact with performers and did we mention? … EAT TONS of ICE CREAM!!

And here’s what I saw about it:

It was amazing. A giant festival filled with different stands each serving their unique amazing variety of ice cream. Oh man, it was delicious.


It. Was. Hot.

I was warned that Austin would be hot, but my god, an ice cream festival out in a giant field on a summer day was brutally soul-despairingly hot. I went in cool and left a melted destroyed more monster than man.

You know what cures the heat? ALL THE ICE CREAM!


I can’t say this enough: All of it! We got a little tasting book that had selections and we went through them all, and they included:

  • Amy’s Ice Creams
  • Bahama Freeze
  • The Baked Bear
  • Casey’s New Orleans Snowballs
  • F’Real Milkshakes & Smoothies
  • Gati
  • GoodPop
  • H-E-B Creamy Creations
  • Ice Scrapers
  • Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt
  • Moojo
  • Odd Pop
  • Over The Moon Vegan
  • Shaved Ice Island
  • SnoMo
  • Swoon by H-E-B
  • Téo Gelato
  • Waka Waka

And my god, it was incredible. We actually ate so much ice cream that towards the end, we handed our tasting booklet to one of the vendors, he looked at all our stamps and went:

“Well you guys have been around.”

Yes we have and we feel no shame, good sir! Now, less commentary and more serving of ice cream.

Some standouts included the amazing shaved ice, Baked Bear’s always incredible ice cream sandwiches and of course, Amy’s. Oh Amy’s, you are so good and will never not be so good…

(I will say though, in all honesty, I save Amy’s for the last and by that time I was so filled with ice cream, it was hard to eat that delicious ice cream. But, good reasons, I ate it, like a champion. You better believe it.)


What else didn’t they have? Well, I guess some things, but we saw amazing live music, saw rock climbing going on, played games, won In N’ Out coupons and took ridiculous photos with some of their ice cream decorations.

There was also a boozy milkshake competition, where local bartender went head-to-head to create the best drunken milkshake. The winner: everyone who came to this festival.

We also had the VIP tickets, which included a sweet air conditioned (oh thank god, AC) tent that was filled with more ice cream and black lights.

Also, a solid selection of food trucks too for different non-ice cream eats (we got hot dogs from a place called Evil Weiners, which was pretty solid and solidly named.)

If you missed this festival, throw it on your calendar for next year. It was everything and more. Really, and I have to say it… it was a sweet day.

To learn more about The Austin Ice Cream Festival, check out

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