Mangia at Chicago’s First Cannoli Bar at Eataly!

“Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.” ―
Peter Clemenza, The Godfather.

Wise words, my friends, and true today as they were back then.

I have always had a soft spot in my heart (and in my belly) for a cannoli. My parents both met in Boston and I was born and raised there and, little-known fact if you are not from Boston, the city is slightly cannoli obsessed. They make some of the best in the country and it was always a damn treat for little Alex.

And today this day, cannolis make every day a little better.

And so, when I was invited to check out the city’s first Cannoli Bar at Eataly, I made like an offer from the Godfather and could not refuse.

The invite, by the way, read like this:

Eataly’s newest counter, the Cannoli Bar, will offer a selection of authentic Sicilian cannoli. Our team will fill your cannolo right before your eyes to make traditional flavors like candied orange, pistachio, and tiramisù. Throughout the summer, guests will also have the opportunity to taste unique cannolo recipes (mint chocolate chip cookie dough or chocolate and honey with sesame seeds, anyone?) designed by some of Chicago’s most popular pastry chefs.

Dana Cree and Sandra Holl will debut their cannoli for the month of July along with treats from Floriole and a conversation with Dana Cree about her new book “Hello, My Name is Ice Cream.” We would love for you to be our guest and be among the first to see and taste the unique cannoli creations from Dana and Sandra.

And they were not kidding, look at their insane cannoli collection:

I went with my good friend Baramee, who was clearly a very excited taster and photographer of the food.

We also got the chance to make our own cannoli, which of course, made me happier than… well, honestly, I’m not sure there’s much that makes me happier than a make your own cannoli bar.

 The space is small, in the back Eataly on the first floor, next to the gelato and the crepe counter (have I mentioned before how awesome Eataly is, because my god is it ever.) It’s beautifully tiled and you can get a nice selection of cannolis and wines to pair with it. What more could you want?

 And yes, there are a summer series of cannoli’s for you to try. And they include creations from:

July: Dana Cree of Publican and Sandra Holl of Floriole.
August: Mindy Segal of Mindy’s Hot Chocolate and Peter Rios of Alliance Bakery.
September: TBD, but I’m sure it will be something epic.

The great Dana Cree and Sandra Holl

Come by, eat cannolis, be happy. Because as Eataly says right in their store window:

Chicago’s first Cannoli Bar is located at Eataly,43 E Ohio St, Chicago, IL 60611 and hours are 11 am to 11 pm.