Know Your Pasta!

So, how much do you know about pasta?

Oh, sure, you know you love eating it and possibly cooking it and maybe even cooking it and then eating it. To which we say: Yes. All of this.

However, there’s more to pasta than putting it in your mouth! Have you ever had a moment to sit and think about the how and why of pasta? (We’re betting the answer is no, because when it’s in front of you, it’s too delicious for you not to eat it.)

That’s why we’re going to make life simple for you and tell you all about it now, using bright colors and beautiful animation.

Yes, Eat Play Pixels has teamed up again with Jamie’s Italian to showcase an infographic all about pasta. It explains not only noodle history but also everything you need to know about the different shapes. Read, enjoy and next time you dig into a giant bowl of pasta, you can thank us. (Also invite us over for dinner, we never see you anymore!)

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