Jamie Oliver and Eat Play Pixels Help You Survive London NYE!

stocksnap_yz39up63miOk all, don’t panic but we are now less than a month away from the new year, and more importantly, New Year’s Eve in London. And if you don’t have your plans made yet (or even if you do), you might be feeling that rising dread, that moment of panic, that, “Not again! NOT AGAIN!” feeling.

But fear not! Eat Play Pixels has teamed up with the fanastic Jamie Oliver, who is offering some tips on how to survive the big eve in the city. We’re not only going to make it easy, but make it fun. So grab your noisemaker, that overflowing glass of champagne and let’s do this:


2016 is coming to an end at long last, and now it’s time to decide how you’re going to see it out. London on New Year’s Eve is not for the faint of heart, but if you’ve done the proper prep work, you’re in for a really good night, whatever you end up doing. Here are some tips on surviving December 31st in the Big Smoke.

stocksnap_1sc8rquav61. Have A Plan

On almost every other day, London is a fantastic city to have no plans because no matter what area you’re in, there’s something interesting to do, something tasty to eat and something cool to see.

New Year’s Eve is not one of these days.

Don’t leave your night until the last minute: figure out your plans and iron out the logistics well in advance. For example, if you want to watch a fireworks display this year, you might do well to avoid anywhere near the river (unless you don’t mind huge crowds). Head to Alexandra Palace or Primrose Hill instead to catch the city’s magnificent display (less crowded and free: everyone wins!)

2. Book Any Tickets Well In Advance

Get tickets for everything you plan on doing, from booking your family meal at Jamie’s Italian to securing your spot on Pukka Up’s NYE boat party (which was completely sold out by December 4th last year…case in point). The city’s going to be especially crowded, so make sure you save your space in plenty of time. It might even be worth confirming your bookings a few days before to anticipate any snafus.

3. Double-Check Your Transport

Once you’ve got your plans in place (partying with Dippy the Dinosaur at the Natural History Museum? Reviving the roaring 20s at the Southbank Centre?) head over to Transport for London’s site and check the routes you need to take.

It’s also worth following the individual lines’ Twitter accounts (the handles are @line name, as in @northernline), as they are often the first to report anything happening on the line.

For those that are doing away with trains/tubes completely and cabbing it, note that after 20:00, each black cab journey costs £4 extra.

stocksnap_9fe5d3846c-14. Have The Essentials

If you’re going out for a glam night on the town, the last thing anyone wants is a heavy purse or messenger bag that will bring you down (in some cases, literally). However, there are a few discreet, lightweight items you should definitely have in your pocket/clutch/purse.

  • Cash: although this seems almost archaic at this point, having enough cash in your purse to at least pay for a taxi home is a solid back-up plan, in case something should happen to your car.
  • Plasters: just in case, as they’re good for whatever scrapes and shenanigans you you get up to (plus, great for you or a female friend in case all the extra walking in a pair of sparkly new heels starts to get painful.)
  • Portable mobile charger: this isn’t a NYE-specific thing by any means; a portable charger will save your life. (Plus, they’re super easy to chuck into a bag – this one’s only a bit bigger than your index finger). You don’t have to worry about making that 3% battery last for hours, and you can avoid that horrifying situation of having a dead phone and no way home.

5. Remember To Have Fun!

Whoever you’re hanging with, whatever you’re doing, revel in the moment and enjoy waving 2016 goodbye. Bring on 2017!