Interdimensional Eats: Gingerline’s Chamber of Flavour v.20

It’s hard to know the exact moment when I realised that Gingerline was amazing. 

Maybe it when I was eaten alive by a giant machine. Or swimming through a sea of blueball pit balls as a pirate sang sea shanties to me. Or perhaps it was when I boarded Gingerline Air and mocked by a flight attendant in drag mocked as she buckled me in.

The V.01 machine! Courtesy of Gingerline.

The V.01 machine! Courtesy of Gingerline.

Did I mention that while all this was going on, the most unbelievable food was being served. I’ve honestly never eaten anything like what we ate that night. Every room we sat in had a new course, from edible bird nests in an enchanted forest to a full roasted rosemary scented meal in a haunted mansion.

That was Gingeliner’s Chamber of Flavour V1.0, which ran last year. This week begins V2.0, a completely new performance where you travel through space and time to experience the universe’s greatest menu – as if you were on a great Whovian adventure, but The Doctor actually turned out to be a gigantic foodie.

Every room is complete with beautiful sets, insane characters and flavours that shouldn’t go together, but do.

Now, immersive theatre like this isn’t anything new to London. In fact, it’s become pretty commonplace. But in case you’re rolling your eyes for another 360° production, note that Gingerline isn’t immersive theatre, according to founder Suz Mountfort, it’s an immersive dinner:

“We came from it in a food perspective. And the idea of the secrecy behind Gingerline meant we could wrap the performance around it,” she said. “Immersive theatre was tagged onto us. To us, we’re doing immersive dining. It’s a food experience that strikes all of your senses, not just taste.”

Last Friday, we were invited down to the front door of the new Gingerline performance – and no further. We saw the great giant machine, met the flavouroligsts, and tasted some of the concoctions they had created for the night.


The food really was on another level, and included items like:

Salmon Grapefruit Smoke Bamboo with smoked salmon mousse, grapfruit tears, nori and bonito, sesame seeds, bamboo charcoal cone.

Pork, Sweetcorn, Miso, Pink Quail Egg with pork skin sweetcorn custard, miso glazed roast pork, pink quail egg and pork skin.

Damson Mushroom, Chilli, Jerusalem Artichokes with damson jelly, wild mushrooms glace chilli crunch, Jerusalem artichoke puree.

And to drink…

The Enigma, or mystery infused gin, dry riesling fennel vermouth, ginger gimme, apple juice and whisky bitters.

The Soda Trip Switch, or lemon grass vodka, crushed blackberries, tonic syrup and shaken with soda.

I told you, crazy…

But, sadly, we were able to go no further. Whatever lay behind those giant metal doors remains a mystery to us even now.

Frustrating as that is (and it was!), it only made me want to go more. And I recommend you do too…


“But Alex,” (I hear you’re saying), “I just checked and all the tickets are sold out. What am I to do?”

Well, I have news… While the original 5,000 tickets are already sold out, I am breaking the news that more tickets will go on sale THIS MONDAY, the 12th, right here. Seriously, do not miss buying one. They will all sell out again and when your friends go and try to explain what they saw, it will sound as crazy as I sounded when I described it above.

Crazy, but so good you know you’ll be buying a ticket as soon as you possibly can.

THE GOOD: The food. The drinks. The performers. The experience. The mystery. The weirdness. Did I mention the food? I’m mentioning it again: The food! Go!

THE BAD: Honestly, I have nothing bad to say about this experience. I’m still thinking about last year’s adventure and I can’t wait to go again this time. The only issue is how quick the tickets sell out, and that says something in itself.



Me: “Describe Gingerline to someone who’s never been before.”

Suz: “It’s an opportunity to have an evening that comes without preconceptions. Open your mind, open your palate and enjoy what comes.”

Gingerline will be held in a secret location only a short walk from a station on The East London Overground between Highbury & Islington and Crystal Palace. Tickets go back on sale this Monday, the 12. Tickets are priced £50 – £65 (plus booking fee) and are available, along with full dates and times at


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