The Happiest Hour at Barley Swine

I love gourmet food.

No surprise.

I also love a good Happy Hour.

Also no surprise.

And so, I am in love with Barley Swine, because they combine my two passions above into a hell of a menu.

Here’s what they say about themselves:

In 2010, Barley Swine opened with the commitment to supporting farmers and ranchers from our region. We currently offer our guests a dining experience that features multiple courses inspired by our farmer friends. Our shared plate and tasting menu options are truly seasonal and always changing based on the ingredient availability and the aspirations of the kitchen. We strive to be creative and have fun in hopes that our guests will share in the excitement.

Barley Swine is a place to celebrate the love of food and drink. Gather with friends and family for a dinner driven by the hospitality and passion of our staff. We take pride in our values and hope to continue to grow and support the local food community.


I could have sat there for hours enjoying bite after bite of flavor and surprise.

Wait, that’s exactly what I did. And it was glorious…


We came and sampled Barley Swine’s Happy Hour Menu, which they refer to as Swine Time, because honestly, what else are you going to call it? There were some pretty incredible mixtures of ingredients and flavor on the menu, and not a bad bite in the bunch.

We tried:

Aged beef tartare, shishito dressing, caramelized deviled egg

Chilled Blackened Shrimp, Cucumber, Peach on Sourdough

Grilled okra, spicy eggplant, marinated watermelon

Smoked fish croquette, shishito mayo, parmesan

Aged akaushi rib meat, bone marrow, okra, crispy onion


And a few things off the happy hour menu, including:

Gulf crab cheesy cornbread & barrel aged hot sauce

Grilled goat leg, pecan romesco, grilled naan, lemongrass yogurt

Plus, dessert, which cannot be ignored:

Blueberry ice cream with cookie bites.

Rum crème brûlée, mango, rice, milk chocolate

A classic cappuccino.

And of course, an insane amount of insane amounts of delicious cocktails:

Castle Island Martini

Green Tomato Vodka, Rice Wine Vinegar, Mint, Aloe

Thai One On

Revolution Gin, Lemongrass, Coconut Milk, Copper Canyon

Carytown Punch

Green Tea Vodka, Smoked Watermelon, Shochu, Lemon

General Manager Stefan walked us through the entire menu and talked about the farm to talk elements that we we’re blown away by. Super nice guy and incredible knowledgeable. If you want to find out about anything they have features, he’s your man.

The GM of the house!


Really, the whole experience was worth trying, but the service may have actually topped the food (and the food was incredible.) We we’re so well looked after with, not just with our orders, but with the little touches. We we’re keeping a shade up to take some of those beautiful pics you saw earlier and we had three different people come by to try and close it so we wouldn’t be bothered.

Little did they know we wanted to be bothered by the sun. But still, the effort was amazing.

It was a damn fine night and an even finer happy hour, and I can’t wait to come back for more swine time.

Barley Swine is located at 6555 Burnet Rd #400, Austin, TX 78757. You can find more info here.