Guac and Roll with Dos Toros and Andrew W.K.

Here’s a thing that you might not know about Andrew W.K., the blood-stained, long-haired, hard-partying rock star…

The man is honestly possibly the nicest most polite human being on this planet.

Who knew? Well, you do now! And I can prove it:

Recently, I’ve begun doing some influencer marketing and event production throughout Chicago. As part of this, I’m doing some fun projects with Dos Toros, the seriously delicious Northern California burrito spot that’s opened recently in Chicago.

And just because I can, here’s a little delicious plug for Dos Toros:

No, seriously, if you haven’t tried their eats yet, try Dos Toros. They melt cheese on the bottom of the burrito before they make it, which is a damn game changer. I have been a NY burrito evangelist for them for years and so glad they’re now in Chicago. So good!

Apparently, I’m not the only fan. Andrew W.K. is also a giant Mexican-food lover (he even has his own taco guitar) and loves some Dos Toros. Combine this all together and it’s was the Guac and Roll Party at Dos Toros!

Guac and Roll at Dos Toros?

Hell yeah! About 100 people came down to eat amazing tacos, listen to good music and hang out with a rock star. It was a literal “meat and greet.”

Did I mention that not only was Andrew was taking pictures with people, he was also serving them up Dos Toros guacamole (and seriously healthy portions of it as well.) He’d do two or three scoops giant scoops per taco, because he is…

The Politest Man Alive!

Andrew W.K. may really be the nicest man alive. It was constantly a barrage of niceness from him:

“Thank you being here!”
“Would you like some guac on your taco?”
“Would you like a picture?”

When people would thank him for doing this, he would always turn it around and go, “No, thank you for coming.”

Goddam, what a nice dude.

I watched as people gave him gifts that he would examine and be genuinely thankful for. Two couples even invited him to their wedding and he took the invitations and said he’d try to make it if he wasn’t on tour, and you could tell he actually meant it.

I kept wanting to be like, “Sir, you are a hard-rocking rock star, you may not need to be this polite” but even taking a stern tone with him felt wrong. Too nice!


Damn fun night. And if you’re in Chicago or New York, if you’re craving tacos and/or delicious guac on this and every Taco Tuesday, well, you now know the spot to go to

Dos Toros is located at 1 N Dearborn St. They’re open Mon-Fri, 11:00am – 8:00pm. Check out more at