Global Purpose’s Bouquet Bag for Mother’s Day!

Did you know that Mother’s Day is this weekend? Because it is.

It so is.

Whether you knew or you didn’t, don’t worry, we’ve got something special for you that will also be special for any special person in your life (and especially your mom!)


We’re partnering with Global Purpose, an amazing woman-owned company that’s in the business of giving back. All their product lines are ethically sourced, have a charitable component, and encourage everyone to purchase with a purpose. Because the way we spend our money can have a HUGE impact on the world!

Here’s a little bit more about the company:

Global Purpose is owned and operated by Kaylynn Jordan. After 25+ years  in corporate work, she decided to use her experience and connections to c re ate positive change through retail products.Global Purpose’s ethically sourced products benefit their nonprofit partners, building awareness andadvocacy. They also build in a give-back component with all our products that provides a financialbenefit to the nonprofit.

That’s awesome. Plus, as you may have guessed, they’ve got a brand new product out right now to help make the world a little better.


If you’re getting flowers for mom for Mother’s Day (and really, why wouldn’t you), why not present them in something beautiful and world-changing.

This is the Bouquet Bag. It’s a reusable, natural jute, gift bag for flower bouquets. It costs about $2.50 and can be found at Fresh Market stores all across the country.

For this campaign, Global Purpose is helping to support the International Justice Mission, who fights tirelessly against human trafficking. Check out more about the amazing things IJM does here.


Don’t look back and wish you had rose to the occasion (see what I did there.) This gift is beautiful, it’s good for the world and it’s a lovely thing to buy in order to make your Mother’s Day gift just a little more special.

Find out more about Global Purpose here and visit to find a store near you carrying the Bouquet Bag!