Giving Thanks At The Four Seasons!

Some people have time-honored family traditions when it comes to Thanksgiving. They travel across the country or spend the day preparing food in order to sit down to a meal with loved ones, giving thanks for everything they have and everything they have together.

And others, you know, don’t.

Thanksgiving’s actually a fun holiday for me since I married a lovely English girl who, surprise surprise, doesn’t do Thanksgiving. So she’s come with me to my home in Massachusetts for the last four years to eat and do it the Shebar way. However, this really has gotten me thinking about other ways to do this traditional holiday and how new traditions are made each year.

Want to start a good one: Try Thanksgiving at The Four Seasons.

I was invited by the Caitlin and Danielle of Once Upon A Dollhouse to a Friendsgiving event at the hotel’s restaurant, Allium, to sample and try a few courses that will be had at The Four Seasons this year and it did not disappoint!

The Dolls, killing it as always!

We were treated to an incredible menu of inventive salads, beautiful seafood multi-tiered trays and meats that looked as good as they tasted, and they tasted incredible. Oh, and of course, desserts, because what kind of epic meal wouldn’t end with an epic dessert.

Caroline of The Brazen Gourmand.

Here’s a selection of a few incredible things we tried:

Root Vegetables & Wheat Berry Salad

Seafood Tray

King Salmon

Braised Lamb Shank

Dessert Platter

The Four Season’s Thanksgiving Feast runs from 11:30 AM – 6:00 PM on the day. Tickets are $170 per adult, $58 per children any under 4 and under are complimentary. This included gratuity. No question, this is an expensive Thanksgiving, but you’re paying for an incredible menu (featured below), and no dishes to clean up at the end, which¬†truly has to be worth something.

Space is limited, so call (312) 799-4900 for reservations if you’re interested!

Happy (early) Thanksgiving, all!