Frosé, All Day!

All right, I’m not afraid to say it: I’m in love with a good food trend.

Yes, it’s easy to blow of the edible item du jour as just a fad, or annoying, or if someone mentions pumpkin spice one more time you’re going to literally go insane, and I get it. But there is a joy in something that simply brings joy: tiny food, giant food, food that combines together other food to make better food. Count me in for all of it.

This is why, when I was invited on a Frosé (or Frozen Rosé) Crawl, I jumped at it. All day drinking on trend? Yes please. Let’s do this.

The tour was set up by the fantastic Lexi Holden (of @Lexandthecity__) and Kati Hammon (of @Katihammon), both who did it just because they wanted to. They weren’t paid, they weren’t sponsored, it was just something they wanted to show off for Chicagoans. Really impressive considering how well the day went and how much fun it was. Seriously solid!

We hit five unique amazing spots one Saturday afternoon, each with their own take on Frosé, and each absolutely worth trying.

Tiny Tapp

I’ve walked by Tiny Tapp before. If you live in Chicago, you have too. It’s right on the riverwalk and easy to miss. I had to go down to the water and ask someone where to go, and it took three people to let me know which way was the right way.

When I found it, I found a fun, lively cafe that does food on one side, drinks on the other – including solid wine! I thought with the name it might be a sole beer bar, but in fact, came with some delicious frosé.

Now, I will say, it didn’t taste much like rosé, it was more like a frozen daiquiri. Still delicious though and a perfect way to start this day!

Saint Lou’s Assembly

It’s always a good time to hang out with Lou!

I’ve loved Saint Lou‘s since I went here with a friend for brunch (where I got chicken and waffles with the chicken coming in a white bucket. The joy!)

Lou’s has an inside, which has the feeling of an old-school wooden diner, but I’ve literally never seen anyone in it. That’s because they have a hell of an amazing patio!

Seriously, one of the best in the city. It’s comfortable, open, there is plenty of tables and wooden bleachers to sit on if they are full, and even a bocce court in the back. I can spend all day here and be happy.

We were indeed happy with our frosé that came insanely cold and topped with a little raspberry. This was a MUCH more rosé-tasting glass to the point where it was basically just chilled, slushy wine.

If you love love love the taste of normal rosé, this is the one for you.

The Hampton Social

The granddaddy spot of all rosé.

The Hampton Social is just so goddam lovely you get lost in just being there, and they took SUCH good care of us.

We had our own private space right next to some fantastic live music by local singer Brian Allison (who played “Country Roads” on request for me, which means he’s my damn hero) and we’re looked after by Mia, an incredible server who dealt with our mild (to major) drunkness with aplomb.

Also, the frosé, which was my favorite of the day! It was the perfect combination of the last two: not too bitter, not too sweet, served in the right kind of glass with mint, my god, I could have drunk these forever – and the fact that they brought a second round for us didn’t hurt anything else.

Honestly, it’s not surprising that the frosé was on point when you have this hanging on the wall.

Plus, food! It turns out that if you check in on Yelp, you’ll get a free bowl of calamari. What? Yes! We were all starving at this point, so a much needed and amazing thing to find.

However, really, all the eats are great here. We also just got a basic side of fries which came shore-string style, warm, seasoned and with two sauces.

Hampton was probably the most expensive spot on our tour that day, but easily worth it.

Drum Bar

We came to Drum Bar expecting a little drinks, a little music, and a little relaxation.

What we got was a little bit of pure (but fun) chaos!

Now, this wasn’t totally their fault. They had booked us in along with a show from Sofar Sounds and a small wedding reception – which turned out to be a GIGANTIC wedding reception. Instead of the 30 people they were expecting, they got over 150.

We tried to watch the band, Friday Pilots Club, for a second, but kept getting jostled and moved. So we grabbed our frosé and headed outside to the beautiful patio overlooking the city, where of course we took more ridiculous photos.

The frosé was sweet and cold, but honestly, I can’t remember a lot about it due to the chaos. But I remember I happily sipping it and I want to check out the beautiful space again when it’s a little calmer.


Celeste was the most surprising of the entire day.

I live in River North, really not far from here at all, and I had NO idea this was up here, much less how beautiful it would be: comfortable white furniture, lovely lighting, plants growing throughout the space and on the walls, and almost no one up there. It felt like a private member’s club where you could hide away and drink delicious things.

This frosé was the perfect note to end on, as it was well blended and very strong, super drinkable and damn tasty. I slowly sipped and lovely every moment of it.

Really, a fantastic day all around, and not a bad frosé among the bunch. If you’re also looking to hit this food trend (no matter how you feel about food trends in general), you would be fine at any one of these damn fine Chicago spots.

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