Forbidden Root’s Beer Dinner: The Ultimate Pairing

Pairing wine with food? Ah, so last year. 2018 is clearly all about pairing beer with food.

I was invited down to a test evening for Forbidden Root’s fantastic new Beer Pairing Dinner. They did four courses and an amuse-bouche all paired with some of the spot’s signature beers (made in house of course).

I am here to tell you, it was delightful.


Indeed. They made sure that all their delicious beers, which are made right there in the brewery in the back of house, paired with the meal they were doing. It’s the first time they were trying something like this, and it was perfect.

Here’s what Forbidden Root said about the event:

Forbidden Root is a craft brewery & restaurant dedicated to the pursuit of flavor. By exploring the rich world of ingredients, the people of Forbidden Root create beer and food experiences that are as surprising as they are delicious. Executive Chef Dan Weiland and Head Brewer Nick Williams will showcase the marriage of food and beer with monthly beer dinners starting on March 14th.
Once per month, Forbidden Root will host a five beer, four course prix fixe dinner, specially curated by our Chef and Brewer. Guests will have the opportunity to experience a new menu with different pairings each month. The beer pairing dinner will cost $45 and go on a first come, first served basis.


A solid question. As mentioned above, we had five courses and I will tell you, each one was pretty incredible. They included:

Pink Ribbon Oyster & Piccolo Spelt IPA

Burrata & Beet Box Ale

Roasted Sweet Potato Curry Soup & Sublime Ginger Wheat Ale

Suckling Pig Porchetta & Sparkling Rose Ale

Strawberry Jam Donut Bite & Strawberry Basil Hefewizen

While all the dishes were pretty spectacular, there were some standouts. The burrata and pickled beets with pistachios and sherry vinaigrette blew my mind, and I usually hate beers. Plus, it was paired with a beer beer, which again, I enjoyed despite that legendary hate of beets. Plus that roasted sweet potato curry soup had a serious kick with the chili oil and then nicely cooled with the ginger wheat ale. A damn fine combo for sure.

Now, the dinner is going to change month by month, so it’s going to be new items on those menus based on what the chef and brewmaster are feeling. So even if you’re not a fan of this menu, it’s worth it to check back later on.

Anything Else?

Well, I also got to have dinner with Katie from Chicagogrammers, who is always a delight. Plus, we realized we actually met for the first time at Forbidden Root about a year ago, so that was a nice way to come full circle.

Now, honestly, I never think to pair beer with food. Oh, I have beer with food but I don’t think about choosing a specific beer for the thing that I’m actually eating. However, after pairing things like beet beer with pickled beets and an incredible strawberry and basil hefeweizen with a sweet jam donut desert, my mind and my palette are now open to new experiences.  You damn well better believe I’m going to be doing my own pairing soon enough and will be back to Forbidden Root for more beer and eats.

Forbidden Root is located at 1746 W Chicago Ave. The beer dinner’s will happen once a month, with the first one being on March 14th, and cost $45. Call (312) 929-2202 for reservations.


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