My Final London Bucket List

Processed with Snapseed.All good things must come to an end.

Sad but true words. And London has been nothing but a good thing to me. I moved here more than four years ago, excited but also scared, unsure, having lived no further than an hour’s flight from home in Massachusetts before (and even that was a stretch for me.) I had no ideas if I could survive a new city, much less thrive.

And now I can tell you: I have survived, I thrived, I have found a city that I love and I found love in this city.

gb5London opened up amazing doors for me. I have gotten the chance to meet new people from around the world and gotten out of my American-centric mind (yes, I know, I’m shocked too that the US isn’t always the centre of the world.) I have become cultured with some of the best theatre, museums and institutions in the world. I have eaten things I had no idea existed that I’ll love until I die (Scotch Eggs! Sunday’ Roasts!)

And of course, I met Shamaine here. So that’s nice as well. ?

But before I go off to the amazing city of Chicago in January, there are things to be done. I can’t leave without creating my beautiful bucket list of last items. Below are the things I want to do and the things I want to eat and drink. And when I do it, I shall check it off and add a pic of the adventure.

(I started putting this together a few weeks ago when I first got the news and have done a few things in that time. It’s been quite an adventure and will continue to be, right up until the day I leave.)



✔️ Eat at KIN (the first restaurant I ever ate at in London) one last time.

?  Walk through Borough Market and eat all the things, because it is my favourite spot to eat all the things.

?  Have one last drink at Lounge Bohemia, where Shamaine and I had our first date.

?  Have one last burger at Bleecker St., the best burger in the city.

✔️ One last ice cream from Udderlicious, the best ice cream in the city.

?  One last bubble tea at Bijou and get their amazing mango milk tea. So damn good, I’ll crave it all my life.

✔️ Go to the amazing Fat Duck with my love and experience it for the first time. (And for more of that adventure, click here.)


✔️ See the world’s longest running play, The Mouse Trap, which runs here in London. (And you can see that behind-the-scenes journey here.)

✔️ See the lights at Kew Gardens, which I never got a chance to see. (Check out those pics here.)

✔️ Do the new Time Run‘s Escape the Room, my favourite escape room in the city.

?  Walk on Abbey Road one more time. Because, who knows when I ever will again.

?  One more walk through the beautiful Postman’s Park.

✔️ And one more walk through Clissold Park, where I got engaged.

I may not be done with this list, there may be more to come, but for now, these are the final stops on my London adventure, and it’s going to be a hell of a way to leave.

Did I miss anything? What would be on your London Bucket List? Let me know in the comments below!

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  • ispyprettyplaces

    So sad to hear that you will be leaving London but excited for what is around the corner for you both. The bucket list sounds great! Wish I did that before I left. I would definitely add Sunday pub dinner to the list. I miss the pub a lot since leaving London, and it is so hard to get a decent Sunday dinner once you’ve gone.