Feeling Chicken at T22!

Feeling chicken? You will be!

I’m always a fan of anything and everything fried chicken, but let me tell you something: it has to be good fried chicken.

I’m talking perfectly fried, crunch on the outside, warm and perfectly cooked on the inside, not too dry, flaky, season, hot, epic fried chicken. That’s the fried chicken that makes me dream about eating more fried chicken.

That fried chicken is found at T22.


Tumble 22 is hot chicken, and they are not messing around. You pick your chicken, you pick your heat and you eat it all and be happy. Here is what they say about themselves:

Inspired by Nashville hot chicken, Harold Marmulstein, Salty Sow Chef and Owner is expanding his portfolio bringing his chef-inspired knack to the newest venture Tumble 22 Hot Chicken, changing the way Austin experiences chicken.

The chicken is fried and coated in Chef Marmulstein’s own secret blend of spices, getting its heat from the cayenne and spice dip. The basic components of the dish are chicken, a combination of spices, and careful cooking in hot oil.  MSG is not used in the preparation of any of Tumble 22 chicken or products.

So how hot is it? Tumble 22’s four heat levels don’t mess around ranging from ‘wimpy’ to ‘Fire In the HOLE!’. But, before you delve into this culinary adventure be forewarned, you’ve got to be ready to take a little heat. For those who don’t like it hot, the menu includes other flavor options and sauces like Sweet Chili Yogurt and Cilantro Mint.

Yes, please.


Well, let’s start with chicken:

So. Much. Chicken. Honestly, all of it was incredible. The breasts and thighs, the tenders, the sandwich, all perfectly cooked, all extreme spiced, all put me into a food coma of delightful joy.

The one thing I’ll say is that while the chicken is incredible (and it is), the sides were only OK. We had potato salad and beans with our chicken and also tried the fries and the devilled eggs. They weren’t bad, they just weren’t the level of extreme amazingess that was the chicken, but then again, what could be?

Basically, come for the chicken, stay for more chicken that you order once you’re done eating all the chicken.


To combat that spice, we got The House Frozen cocktail, which was a sweet and refreshing take on a frozen margaritta. It was delicious.


Here’s a confession: Whenever I think about good pie, this song starts playing in my head.

Why a pretty terrible song from a pretty terrible John Travolta movie plays in my head when I think of pie, I have no idea. And yet, it played again here.

Not only does T22 do chicken well, they also have that pie. Such good pie. Pie to heaven and back. We tried the chess pie (which, even after reading the wikipedia page, I’m still not sure what chess pie is) and the chocolate pecan toffee pie which is everything you want it to be and more.


Loved it. It’s nothing fancy – friendly staff, causal dining, wood and natural lighting everywhere, it’s a truly comfortable, happy place.

Well, it is for me at least, because my happy place has all the fried chicken.

 T22 is located at 7211 Burnet Rd, Austin, TX 78757. Check out more at www.tumble22.com.