My Favorite Shopping Apps & Tools

Y’all, it is money-saving time again, which is honestly one of my favorite times of the day… week… year…

Maybe lifetime?

You loved the post I did before on ways to save some money when you’re online shopping, and so, I figured I would continue it with another round. If you are like me and you’re into finding the best deal you can (and then feel like, well, you have to buy that thing in front of you now because hey, you found this deal), then you’re going to want to keep reading.

Or, if this continues to drive your online shopping habit and this is the last thing you need, then hey, stop now. But I’m telling you, there are some pretty good discoveries below. I mean, hey, don’t let me tell you what to do, but if I should tempt you to look, then I promise it will be worth your time…

Insert most evil laugh here

And away we go!


Look y’all, I’ve said it before and I will say it again now and probably again in the future because it’s so good: SimplyCodes.

Simply! Codes!

This is the app for finding deals basically everywhere you shop online. Yeah, I said THE app. I know there are others out there that you might have heard of but I’ve basically stopped using all of them because they’re trash. Trash, I say.

Honestly, how often have you used one of those apps, been given a code, only to find that, hey, this does not work. None of these codes work! I’ve wasted my time and maybe my life trying codes. No more! No longer!

The success rate on SimplyCodes is simply better than the other apps (sorry, had to do it). I’m always finding deals and savingsI didn’t find anywhere else. I’m done with the rest of them. Bah! Garbage the whole lot.

Plus, if you find a code that SimplyCodes does not have, they’ll pay you for it. What! Yep, just like that.

Enjoy it, use it, save money, be happy. What more would you want from life?

Download SimplyCodes here


Shop App claims to be your new shopping assistant annnnnnd they’re not wrong. It puts together everything you like about shopping and makes it easier and more friendly. And look, I can shop forever for things like tech and books and movies and such, but when it comes to other items (I’m looking at you clothes), not so much my thing.

So, to have an app that helps me discover new items, let me know when my favorite brands drop new products, get real-time delivery updates and even pay easier (plus, they even PLANT TREES when you buy with them to make sure it’s offsetting the CO2 made by the deliveries), it’s literally all I want or need.

Get this one, shop better.

Download Shop here


Look, I literally just said I don’t like shopping for clothes. It’s right up there in black and white (literally). I will wear a t-shirt until it is more holes than fabric and then one day spontaneously combusts and even then I’ll be holding up a piece of tape going, “I can fix this.”

Thankfully we live in an age of wonders and miracles and by that I mean a website that will shop for me.

StichFix is my favorite when it comes to clothes shopping. You take a quiz to determine your style and then they help pick out items that you’ll love. Keep and pay for what you want, send back what you don’t.

If the idea of walking into another clothes store makes you feel like you’d rather fight a bear – because, who knows, maybe you’d win against the bear – then fret no longer. Here’s where your bear fighting days come to an end.

Sign up for StichFix here


It’s time for a sale on your favorite brand! Super exciting, right? Oooh, except it just ended. Better luck next time.

Feel this shame and disappointment no longer! Zulily gives you access to flash sales that happen on brands you love. Not just clothes as you think it might be, but everything: kitchen items, books, toys, tech, home decor, the works.

If you’re looking for something specific, this is one to check out. And if you’re just looking for random deals that happen randomly (like right now! Who knows! It could be happening as we speak!), then check this app to check those savings.

Download Zulily here


First of all, let’s talk about the name, which is just fun to say. Let’s all say it together: CamelCamelCamel! Don’t you just feel better?

What will also make you feel better? Saving money on Amazon purchases.

For the longest time, I actually didn’t know that Amazon prices go up and down. I guess had I thought about it, that makes sense (prices in all stores go up and down) but I just kind of thought they were, you know, stagnant.


And then nothing worse than buying something only to see it be way cheaper a month later. Blarg. It hurts deep in the soul.

In walks not one but THREE camels. This is a free site that is an Amazon price tracker. You create an account, put in the items you want but don’t need right now, and let it do it’s thing. It will send you an email alert when the price drops, telling you it’s the best time to buy. They even have browser extensions so you can put it right into your system when shipping Amazon.

The name of the extension: The Camelizer. If that’s not enough to go get it, then I’m just not going to convince you on the power of saving money and the humorous word that is “camel.”

Sign up for CamelCamelCamel here


Now, let’s say you bought the item already but you’re telling me, “Alex, I want money back even though I already paid.” Some might call you crazy, but not I, friend. Not. I.

Because I know about rebates, which get you cash back after you purchase a product that has a little special wonderful deal going on. And because I’m your trusted guide on the journey of savings, I’ll actually handhold your way through a bunch of them. And, go:

  • Ibotta – Easily the best rebates app for groceries. What I love is it keeps track of what you buy, gets you the deal and then resets quickly after a few days. So let’s say you bought Kraft cheddar cheese, got your rebate and then a few days later you have a craving for another whole block of cheddar cheese (no judgment here). You can use it again! Go nuts!
  • Checkout 51 – While it doesn’t have the same amount of products that Ibotta does, this one is insane because you can use the same rebate multiple times. So let’s say you bought three bags of chips, instead of one rebate, you could get one for each! What! So good.
  • TopCashback – Only shop online and looking to get into this sweet sweet rebate option, this is your best bet! Shop through the app for almost everything online and get those deals. They even have offers and sales just for TopCashback users!
  • Dosh – Not just items you buy but they add in dining, hotels and more. If you’re over buying things and into buying experiences but still want that rush from money saved, this is the one for you.

There you go. Go forth and save, all! Spread some joy, save some cash in this world.


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