Eat Your Face With Selffee!

IMG_2356I have a love-hate relationship with selfies. I know they’re at times unavoidable and can be a lot of fun, but dammit, can’t anyone around just take our pictures so we don’t have to do it. That’s all I ask!

However, my relationship with cookies has never been in question. I am one-hundred percent in favor of cookies.

And so when Selffee asked me if I wanted to become a cookie, the answer is, obviously, and without hesitation: OH YES!

I sent them two images, my Facebook profile pic and the logo from this blog. The cookies arrived promptly and well packaged, each separated by a nice sheet of paper.

The image on the cookies were a little blurry, but I think that’s my fault since I didn’t give them a photo that was high-res enough. So just a head’s up if you’re making cookies yourself.

IMG_2349Now, the real question: How did it taste? The answer, delicious! The cookie itself was solid, buttery, crumbly, and even the selffee part on top was sweet. A little milk and these are winners of a cookie.

IMG_2357Selffee does a couple different things. They can put your face on top of iced coffee, iced tea, cookies, cupcakes, milkshakes, and more. They’re based out of New York but are starting in London now and probably will pop-up all around the world.

file-3A selfie with a Selffee, how meta.