The Buzz On The Bee Cave Sonesta Hotel

Here’s what I’ve learned in my short time living in Texas: This state has some pretty damn excellent city names. Want some examples? Happy to provide: Here is a collection of some of the best from around the state:

  • Bacon, Texas.
  • Noodle, Texas.
  • Sundown, Texas.
  • Trout, Texas.
  • Rainbow, Texas.
  • Salty, Texas.
  • Sweet Home, Texas.

All true.

Here’s another that I really like that I got a chance to visit: Bee Cave, Texas.

I had a chance to check out Bee Cave, about half an hour outside of Austin, and stay in the excellent Sonesta Hotel. It was a weekend of swimming and drinks, farmer’s markets and trolleys, all kinds of adorableness and joy. What more would you expect from Bee Cave?


We we’re invited down to give this hotel a try. It’s a half an hour drive out of Austin, which is a nice thing to do for sure. Always good to get out of the city from time to time.

When we arrived, we we’re greeted by a giant tan building and a tiny little trolley.

Inside, we found a charming lobby, complete with comfortable couches, a coffee bar and, of course, some bee-themed artwork hanging on the walls.


Our room wasn’t quite ready yet, but the trolley absolutely was. It would take you anywhere in a short distance, and we took it down to the Galleria, a nice collection of shops (mostly chains but really beautifully laid out). Also, the ride was seriously fun. Who doesn’t love a trolley?


We hung out there and then made out way back, to find our room ready. It was simple but elegant, very clean and a super comfortable bed. Really, what more could you want?

Also, I truly dug the Austin artwork on the walls:


It’s a lovely hotel and we actually checked out two fantastic things that we liked a lot. The first, the pool!

After having a little trouble getting into the pool (the gate has a secret latch to open. Damn those secret latches!) we found a really nice way to spend a few hours. Very relaxing, the water was warm but not too warm, very clean, super nice.

There are a lot of room windows pointing down to the pool, so you do get the feeling you’re being watched at all times you swim (and depending on how blatant people are, downright evidence as you watch people watching you) but beyond that, loved it.

Additionally, the bar and restaurant, Meridian 98:

It’s got a lovely indoor space and outdoor patio. We had a nice snack there, some delicious drinks right at sunset and breakfast the next morning!

I will say, there we’re a few issues with service. For instance, we ordered a mint and watermelon salad and they brought it without any mint without explanation. When we questioned, they told us they had run out of mint, even though there was mint in one of our drinks. Oooook, no worries. Sadly, not as top notch as we had hoped.

In the end though, it’s a very low key, high relaxed kind of space and we liked that a lot.


We did. So right near the hotel on the weekend is a fantastic farmer’s market that we loved. It was filled with bread and sweets and kombucha and games and a goat.

Yes, a goat.

We also drove about half an hour away from the hotel to the famous Opie’s BBQ!

From the moment you walk in and see their giant smoker, it’s hard not to be charmed by this spot.

The tater tot casserole is insane, as are most of the sides, and that BBQ on paper sheets (no plates here) is damn good that day and days later when we ate leftovers forever.


The Texas artwork! All of it on point:

Great hotel, great little city, great name. If you’re in Bee Cave, you now know where to stay.

The Bee Cave Sonnesta is located at 12525 Bee Cave Pkwy, Bee Cave, TX 78738. You can learn more about it here.