Brunching at Fonda San Miguel

Upscale Mexican brunch you say? Consider me intrigued.

I do love brunch, oh how I love brunch. Sunday morning lazy sleepy and a little bit drunk brunch. You are singing my song and that song is called, “I love brunch.”

Now, you must note, I am not biased against any type of brunch. In fact, I am excited about brunches in all forms. So when we were invited down to try Fonda San Miguel for upscale Mexican brunch. How could I say no?

I could not. It was a yes.


In case you have never been to the famous and vibrant Fonda San Miguel, know this is a spot to check out while in Austin. Well reviewed, well loved, it’s full of life and color from the moment you walk in.

Literally, this is the guy that greets you through the door:

Here’s what they say about themselves.

Fonda San Miguel, which opened in 1975, is recognized as one of the finest interior Mexican restaurants in the country. It features classic regional Mexican cuisine prepared with authentic recipes and the freshest ingredients.

I can’t argue with any of that. It was fresh and delicious.


We really didn’t know what to expect when we came in for brunch, since all Fonda’s website says about brunch:

“The Fonda San Miguel Brunch contains a sumptuous variety of dishes ranging from the more traditional to exciting takes on ancient recipes.”

Honestly, that’s a pretty good way to describe what we ate. It was a collection of delicious crevices and sauces, multiple types of meats, unbelievably fresh salads, tacos and tamales and oh man that was some good salsa.

Of course, the epic table of desserts didn’t hurt either.

The one thing I’ll mention is this was a very heavy breakfast. If you’re looking for something light and easy, this may not be the spot. But if you’re looking for something delicious that will knock you into a perfect food coma for the rest of the day, look no further.


I love the art here. The whole place has so much light, it’s wonderful, and of course all the excellent pieces on the wall makes this an amazing spot just to walk through.

Have I mentioned how much I love brunch. For I do. And at Fonda San Miguel, it was quite the brunch indeed.

Fonda San Miguel is at 2330 W N Loop Blvd. You can learn more about it here.