The Best of ATX with Austin Monthly

It’s hard to declare anything the best of anything.

Oh, if you ever want to have an argument, you should give it a go. Declare something the “best” to someone else: The “best” TV show or the “best” burger or the “best” time ever. Watch them scrunch up their face and get ready for an argument. “Best” is such a subjective statement since everyone’s “best” differs so widely from everyone else’s “best.”

Let’s take my lovely wife for instance, who’s opinion I basically trust on all things, what her favorite thing is or what is the best thing to try. Her answer is almost always: “I don’t know, my tastes change all the time.” Try bringing home the best food in the city as a surprise for someone who won’t even pick a favorite thing. It is tricky I tell you.

So I went into The Best of ATX event with eyebrows raised and a little bit of skepticism, since what is “best” anyway.

Turns out, it’s pretty much everything at this event.


So if you are, for example, going to call your event “The Best of ATX”, here’s what I would expect:

  • Amazing food, including, of course, so damn good BBQ and tacos.
  • Seriously solid craft cocktails.
  • Interesting entertainment that consumes the rooms.
  • Surprises.
  • Swag to take home that reminds you of all the insanity you tried and fun that was had.

That night, it was ✔️✔️✔️✔️✔️.

Austin Monthly is a magazine here in, yes, Austin. Every year they do a full issue picking the best thing in the city chosen by both the editors and the readers. If you’d like, you can read about it right here. And in addition to this fantastic edition, they do a party all around it.

For your reference, here’s what Austin Monthly said about their event:

“In our August issue, we’ll be revealing the readers’ and the editors’ pick of everything from the Best Margarita, Best Spa, to the Best Musician or Band. This is your chance to try out everything for yourself!

Join us as we celebrate the winners and top restaurants, shops, bars, and cultural institutions in Austin chosen in our annual poll. The winners will be recognized and invited to serve their tastiest bites or sample their best products so attendees can experience the very best the city has to offer.

Drinkslingers ATX will be mixing up cocktails from our beverage sponsors Dulce Vida Tequila, American Born Whiskey, Cathead Vodka, Hilmy Wines, Waterloo Sparkling Water, and Twisted X Brewery.

Our vendors will provide delicious bites and product samples/trials throughout the night. Featured vendors participating are the following: La Barbecue, Queso Bar by Torchy’s, SPiN ping pong, Lip Service, Desert Door, Tried & True, Upstairs Circus, Cosmic Coffee + Beer, Brewer’s Table, Bird Bird Biscuit, Frost Gelato, La Condesa, South Congress Hotel, Garbo’s Lobster Truck, Juliet’s Italian Kitchen, LACQUER, Squeezery, Discada, Le Politique, Tiny Pies, Fancy Fluff, Altatudes, Brookfield Residential and Gold Ventures.

Live music will be provided by PDA band, the high energy 8-piece party band praised for their talent across the city, along with DJ BASED and other entertainment.  Get ready for one of the biggest, BEST parties of the year!”

Oh man and we tried it all. If you were looking to sample all of Austin in one night,


That is a collection of eats pretty much unrivaled by any event I’ve been to in Austin so far and there were some standouts for sure. They included:

I also have to call out two extra things that really took the cake. This super tiny and super fresh Lobster Roll from Garbo’s:

Plus, an incredible slow-roasted pork taco from Discada that was woah and more woah:


What wasn’t there. We played ping pong, saw people get their nails done and hair cut, watched a live band in stylish jackets rock out, had our photos taken, laughed, smiled, had all the fun.

We even watched people get live tattoos! 🙀

Such a fun night. Was it the best of Austin? Hard to say, since it’s hard to pick anything as the best, but if anything was going to, this was damn close.

Learn more about Austin Monthly’s Best of Austin edition here.