It’s What Rocky Eats For Every Meal!


In 2006, I spent the summer working at a Philadelphia newspaper. There, I discovered the true joys of a true Philadelphia Cheesesteak, made with thin sliced meat, grilled onions, a giant baguette and, of course, Cheez Whiz (so not really cheese at all.) And it was so good. One of the worst things about leaving the city was leaving that sandwich.

Enter Liberty Cheesesteak, which now have a semi-permanent home in Spitalfield’s Market! I sampled one of their sandwiches today and damn man, now that’s some eats.

I also quickly chat with them about why cheesesteaks, what makes the perfect sandwich and why it would be illegal for them to make actual “Philly Cheesesteaks.”

So cheesesteaks weren’t here and anything that was here was fake. It’s just an imitation. We wanted the real thing.

We butcher our own meat, we went through numerous bakers to get the correct bread and we have to make our own Cheez Whiz because Cheez Whiz is illegal in the EU. There’s nothing cheese about it, that’s why it’s called Cheez.

Without a doubt, ours are the best cheesesteaks in London. Actually, all of Europe.

[foogallery id=”310″]

Edit: Just so it’s clear, they make “Cheez Whiz” for the sauce but using real cheese  Its the best of both worlds!

Liberty Cheesesteaks are located on Lamb Street in Spitalfields Market. You can check out their Yelp reviews here.

What do you think? Have you ever had one of Liberty’s sandwiches and how do you think it compare to the real thing?

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